Saturday, 16 January 2010

When experimenting goes wrong!

Well I made 4 soaps yesterday, and all of them were a failure! BUT I'm not going to feel bad about it as I learned a few things...

1) It's a really good idea to do experimenting and trying out new techniques on a small scale. So if it does go wrong, you haven't wasted a lot of soap or other ingredients (not that you can really waste so anyway - it can always be melted back down or used in your own personal bathroom!)

2) Always remember to spray rubbing alcohol on a set layer before doing the overpour - I forgot and it really does cause the layers to pull apart if no rubbing alcohol has been used!

3) Sometimes less is more - I wad trying to make a simple lavender soap but added extra lavender buds, and mica AND glitter and it just looks silly. Just the buds would've been enough.

4) Don't try to do too much at once. I was trying to make a layered soap, a double pour, a swirled and the dreaded lavender one with extra 'sprinkles'. All with different scents and colours. I'm sure this is why I created 4 soaps that were all terrible! So it's probably best to focus on one thing at a time when it comes to melt and pour soap making.

So next time I'm in the kitchen I'll make sure to remember those 4 points! Lesson learned!

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