Friday, 19 March 2010

Melusine Soap will be at Kingsbury May Festival 2010! (My first ever craft stall!)

I'm super excited to announce that I'll have a stall at this years Kingsbury May Festival, on May 3rd at Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.

Here are links to the Kingsbury May Festival website and Facebook pages!

Not only will this even be my first ever craft fair/stall, but it will also be held in my home village, making it extra special!

The Kingsbury May Festival has live music, annual fancy dress pram racing, May pole dancing, a children's area, stalls, archery, sheaf tossing and a village fete, to name but a few of the attractions, AND it pulls in hundreds of visitors each year. Definitely not an event to be missed!

I'd better go and start making more soap!


  1. Good luck at the craft fair! Sounds like a fun festival. I hope you sell lots and lots of soap! :-)

  2. Good Luck at your 1st craft fair!! Just remember to enjoy yourself because there is no better feeling than seeing people looking and buying your creations. Don't forget to write p about it on here ;)I hope it goes really well for you :)xx

  3. Thank you very much guys! It's under a month away now and I really feel like I need more time to prepare lol! But there's no turning back now!

  4. Good luck with your fair your soaps are so lovely you will do well