Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lucky Buddha

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, life has been busy with my new website and very exciting!  I have also been working on many new products, which I'll make sure to feature on this blog soon!  Firstly though, I'd like to show off this little guy:

A luxury SLS-free 'Lucky Buddha' glycerine soap, made with added super-moisturising Avocado Oil and scented with a beautiful fresh bamboo fragrance with subtle light cedarwood, aquatic notes and a hint of citrus. Coloured pale green with a golden sheen to resemble Jade. 

Rub his belly to bring you luck (and a luxurious lather)!

The 'golden sheen' is actually my first ever attempt at dry-brushing soap with mica. I must admit that I loved doing it, it's surprisingly therapeutic!  And very, very affective.  Here's a great little tutorial from the Soap Queen about mica brushing: Bee and Honeycomb Tutorial.


  1. Love the Buddha soap, and the gold mica really makes the details pop. Bamboo fragrance sounds wonderful - I love green, outdoorsy scents!

  2. Love the color you chose with the bamboo fragrance. It definitely has a 'zen' vibe! And I love the mica dusting too, great detail!

  3. Wow, very nice ! It would be great as new year gift .