Friday, 14 May 2010

First ever Folksy Friday: *~Faeries~*

Prior to being mentioned on Lynwoodcraft's blog, I didn't even know about Folksy Friday (where fellow crafts and bloggers mention their favourite finds on Folksy, normally with a theme), so here's my first ever one, I hope you like it!

This week I have chosen my favourite Faeries on Folksy.  This is because it's nearly my daughter's 1st birthday (she was born on 19th May 2009) and her name is Mathilda Fae.  I chose Fae as her middle name, as it literally means faerie, or fairy, and in my eyes, she is my little faerie princess!

So here's my enchanting selection...

This cute lil fella can be found in Feyth's shop

This lovely lady is called Alyissa and she can be found in The Fairy Dust Enchanted Hollow shop.  This one definitely appeals to the goth in me!

And finally, these adorable faerie soaps can be found in Lucy Loves shop, in various colours and fragrances!


  1. Great picks! I used to have lots of faerie figurines, but I lost most of them in a hurricane :(
    Thanks for sharing these - very cool!

  2. Oh no! Poor faeries being whisked off in a hurricane! Kinda gives me images of people miles away looking out of their window and seeing them flying through the air and thinking that they're real faeries though!

  3. LOL - that would be something to see! :D
    Most of the poor little things ended up being muddy water faeries ...