Thursday, 15 July 2010

Folksy Friday - ~*Coconut*~

This week's Folksy Friday is brought to you by Coconuts!  I chose coconut because my latest soap it coconut scented:

Calming Coconut Shea Butter Soap. This is a dreamy pure white coconut scented soap with pearlescent swirls throughout the slice. It has added shea butter for extra moisturising qualities and coconut milk powder to give it a creamy lather. Pure luxury!

Making this soap inspired me to check out the other items on Folksy which were made using coconut materials, and it opened my eyes to how versatile they are!

This amazing brooch is made with coconut shell and is available from FLOURISH

 This virgin organic coconut oil can be found in Cebra ethical skincare and it can be used for a whole host of things!

And finally, this innovative coconut tea light holder is available from Wentworth Wood

Truly an  amazing fruit (or is it a nut??!)


  1. I love your coconut theme, mmmmmmmmm!
    Millie x

  2. Love the new coconut soap and all of your Folksy coconut finds! :)

  3. Not a big fan of coconut but that tea light holder is fabulous

  4. I adore the tea light holder, that is stunning!

    Natalie x

  5. Love the all white with shimmery swirls. Fabulous (extra special) touch.