Monday, 14 June 2010

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here are some my soaps that would make great gifts for Father's Day (June 20th!!!)  These are all available in my Folksy shop (click on images to view listing!)

Shaving soap made with SLS-free vegetable glycerine and with added vitamin E packed Meadowfoam seed oil and Fuller's Earth.  Available in various fragrances!

Beer Soap!  Luxury SLS-free vegetable glycerine soap, with added Shea Butter. Scented with a freshly-poured light beer aroma with tangy hops and sweet malty barley.

Peppercorn - Luxury black and white SLS-free glycerine soap, with added Shea butter and scented with 'Peppercorn' fragrance oil - a sumptuous woody, herbal fragrance where notes of cool peppermint, clary sage and crisp black peppercorn rest upon a rich lavender heart and a woody base.

Dragon's Dance - A luxury purple SLS-free vegetable glycerine soap, laden with shimmering blue and green chunks AND with added super-moisturising Avocado oil. Scented with a mystical blend of Sandalwood, Jasmine and Patchouli.

Cool Cucumber Mint - A luxury SLS-free glycerine soap, scented with a subtly sweet cucumber and cooling peppermint fragrance oil AND with added super-moisturising avocado oil. Perfect to use in the shower after a workout at the gym!


  1. Very nice! They all look and sound so lovely! These soaps would make any dad very happy :)

  2. I love how you did the "foam" on top of the beer soap. It's a perfect man soap!