Thursday, 24 June 2010

Folksy Friday: ~*Africa*~

I thought for this weeks Folksy Friday, I would find items inspired by Africa or made with African sourced materials as it's the World Cup at the moment, which, if you hadn't noticed (!) is being hosted by South Africa this time round.  I'm also half South African, thanks to my late Dad and I was also born in Johannesburg, so Africa is rather close to my heart :)

 This beautiful bone and glass necklace can be found in Daeb

 This vibrant choker can be also be bought from Daeb
 These cute African animal finger puppets can be found in MuNGBEANS

 And finally, this stunning Africa sunset greetings card can be found in Annie's Cards


  1. Love the finger puppets and stunning card too

  2. Very nice finds! The little finger puppets are so cute! :)